Postseason Friday Night Date Night

Is there any better way to spend a Friday night date night than with the person you love, watching the team you both love playing in the playoffs?  We can’t think of many things we would rather be doing than taking in all of these Cleveland wins.  Watching the Indians in a postseason game is not something we can do very often, so it is a special occasional kind of treat.  This is definitely a dreams-do-come-true season for Tribe fans.

Several of the experts predicted the Indians would have a good season.  Then came the injuries.  Michael Brantley was out nearly all season, playing only 11 games this year.  Chisenhall, Carrasco, Salazar, Gomes, and Kluber have also suffered injuries throughout the season.  Every single time a player is on the D.L., another player steps up and does an excellent job in his place.  This team is like no other; it is a team in every sense of the word.  Each player gives his all to make the whole team better.

Cleveland had 30 come-from-behind wins this year – more walk-off wins in 2016 than any other team.  What a way to end a game, and so much fun for the fans!  This has been a fan’s year with many magical moments to look back on.  One of the most memorable was Tyler Naquin’s inside-the-park walk-off homer.   Naquin was the first Indians’ player in one hundred years to hit an inside-the-park walk-off homer and also made baseball history with Jose Ramirez.  The pair were the first in major league history to have a game-tying homerun and an inside-the-park walk-off homerun in the same inning.

First Baseman Mike Napoli added to the fun this year with 34 homers.  What a slugger!  Mid-way through the season a creative fan held up a sign that said “Party at Napoli’s” and started a craze that has sold thousands of t-shirts with the saying.  The Indians donate a portion of the proceeds to the team’s charities.  The saying sums up the season – this year has been a party, and now the new shirts say, “Post-party at Napoli’s”.  Go Tribe!




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