PFHOF Fantasy Football Experience League

One of the perks of the Fantasy Football Experience (FFE) is competing in a league with other attendees.  There are six 12-team leagues competing for a grand prize that includes a draft party next season at the Hall of Fame and a championship ring!  Each league winner will win an Enshrinement Package with four tickets to all of the Hall of Fame Enshrinement events.  The leagues are all named after Hall of Famers or Experts.  Don is playing in Warren Moon’s league, and I am in Chris Doleman’s league.  The other leagues are Munoz, Fabiano, Hansen (The Fantasy Guru), and Clay.

The draft was a “slow draft” with a time span of up to 10 days.  Each player was allowed four hours to make their pick before an auto-pick was made for them.  Pre-draft selection made the process go much faster.  My league got the hang of this concept and sped through our draft, while Don’s league took a little longer.  The Doleman league is off to a great start!

Don and I followed the experts’ advice and drafted running backs and wide receivers with our first five picks.  We were supposed to hold off on quarterbacks until later in the draft, but I got a little nervous and took Eli Manning in the sixth round.  Don held out as the experts recommended and still got a great picks with Carson Palmer and Tyrod Taylor.

I followed Mike Clay’s ( advice – maybe a little too closely.  Maybe I should have read the league rules before the draft started.  Maybe I should have drafted a kicker!  Mike said sometimes he holds off on getting a kicker and picks one up last minute.  Evidently I took this to heart, so I am going into the season without a kicker.  I will have to pick one up the minute I am allowed.  A definite disadvantage but I learned a lesson and will make sure I fill my team next time.

Risking the wrath of the Fantasy Football gods, I have allowed myself to think about what our home will be like if it comes down to Don vs Sal for the Championship Game.  We are both competitive so things could get very interesting!  There are a lot of games to win between now and then, and much fun to be had.

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