Keep the Chief!

Chief Wahoo has been a Cleveland Indian since 1947.  For several years, at the beginning of baseball season, protestors try to ban him from the MLB.  Their efforts are paying off, and he is slowly being phased out.  While we want to remain respectful and understanding of those who think differently than we do, we …

Rose Makes the Wall of Fame

It might not be Cooperstown, but it is another step forward for Pete Rose. The Philadelphia Phillies announced two days ago that Rose will be inducted into their Wall of Fame on August 12th.  

My Masters Sunday – by Don

I am not the writer of the family, but here we go anyway. Sally was out of town Sunday which left me home alone on what some consider one of the greatest Sundays in sports. The Final Round of the Masters is always one of my favorite things to watch. But, little did I know …

Save The Bees!

Buzz the Bee is missing. The Honey Nut Cheerios famous mascot has gone missing in a grand effort to bring attention to the plight of the honeybees. 

Bye bye Oakland

The official vote to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas took place this week.  The NFL owners approved the move which will take place sometime in the not too distant future.  The Raiders will leave behind a devoted fanbase to begin a new relationship with Sin City.

Saturday Spitballin’ with Andy…on Sunday: Road Trippin’

What is something that you do that brings you satisfaction with your life? Think about it. Something that when you get older and you’re reflecting on your days on this beautiful earth, you think “dang, I sure found a lot of value in that. That significantly improved the quality of my life.” Is it gardening? …

Our Ten Favorite Things About This Blog

This is a very proud moment for us – our 100th blog post, a little over six months since we came up with the idea to start writing.  The blogging world was brand new to us, so this has been an ongoing learning experience.  We never expected to have this much fun, and we didn’t have …

Fans Gone Bad

We’ve all seen it.  It is embarrassing to say the least.  The fan who gets carried away and doesn’t stop when enough is enough.  Whether it is on a little league field or at a professional game, it is not a fun situation to be around.