The Zeke Dilemma

Turn on any radio or television sports show and Ezekiel Elliott is sure to be the topic. Elliott is facing a six-game suspension after alleged domestic violence. No doubt, the NFL has had enough of their name being dragged through the mud with child abuse, domestic abuse and other crimes. What once would get a slap …

Good News Bad News

This past week, the town where Don grew up and his college alma mater both made the national sports news. For our little Northeastern Ohio region to be in the national news for one reason would be extraordinary; twice in one week is unheard of!

Inside the Mind: The Porch

[Warning: This post is rather lengthy, but it’s regarding something I’m passionate about] Tonight I experienced “The Porch” for the first time. If you are not familiar, The Porch is a Tuesday night event at Watermark Community Church in Dallas. At this event, there is approximately 30-40 minutes of worship music, almost always played by …

Inside the Mind: New Chapters

Hello again blog readers, it’s Andy. Long time no virtually see. And really you’ve only seen my words and not my face, because I can’t figure out how to create an avatar that shows up by my posts each time. And I’ve never seen you, if “you” even exist. I could be writing to the …

The Mahoning Valley Scrappers

The Cleveland Indians farm team, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, plays at Eastwood Field which is an easy 10 minutes from our house. Scrappers games are a fun time, and a more practical way to get our baseball fix, especially mid-week, than driving up to Cleveland. 

Talking Browns at Lake Erie

We have learned that a simple “Go Browns” can start fun conversations with strangers. Yesterday, while enjoying an afternoon in Ashtabula, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie, one of the best Browns chats ever took place from that simple greeting – “Go Browns”!