Our TOP TEN Favorite Sports Movies

This is one of the hardest posts we have written so far!  Neither one of us realized how many really good sports movies we have seen and how hard it would be to narrow the list down to ten.  

10.  Happy Gilmore –  Adam Sandler.  Need we say more?

9.   Karate Kid –  Wax on; wax off.  I think about this movie every single time we wax our cars.

8.   The Natural – Robert Redford takes baseball to a whole new level.  If you haven’t seen this one,          please watch it!

7.   Rudy – Rudy shows everyone who told him he was not good enough to play for Notre Dame that impossible dreams can come true.  He never gave up and he never quit.

6.   Rocky IV – Apollo dies, Rocky beats the Russian.  This movie makes us proud to be Americans!

5.   Rocky II – Rocky beats Apollo, wins the championship and becomes a daddy.  Rocky movies should have their own post.  The music and Rocky’s famous run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps are timeless.

4.   Field of Dreams – “If you build it, he will come,” says the voice in the cornfield.  Ray listened to the voice and they are still coming.  Love the movie, and would love to see the real Field of Dreams.

3.   The Sandlot – This is a movie that we could watch over and over.  It is a great movie for kids (Landon and Logan love it!).  Kids playing baseball, The Beast, and an excellent ending make for a perfect show.  I think Sandlot 2, 3 and 4 are equally good, but Don doesn’t think the sequels compare to the original.

2.   Hoosiers – Gene Hackman stars in this High School Basketball drama.  Watching kids who really love the game is inspirational.

1.  Major League – This was a no-brainer for us.  Jake Taylor, Roger Dorn, Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano, and Ricky “The Wild Thing” Vaughn made this an epic Cleveland Indians movie that is a favorite of many non-Indians fans also.

The movies that did not make our list, but are also favorites:  Draft Day starring Kevin Costner got knocked down to number 11, but we love this film and have seen it quite a few times.  Fever Pitch features Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore in a baseball love story.  Perfect summer afternoon movie.  Bull Durham is a classic favorite.  A League of Their Own – go girls!   Bad News Bears…how many kids have felt like they played for a team like this?  This post would have been much easier if we had written our top twenty favorites!


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