Our Favorite Hobbies Other Than Fantasy Football

For several months of the year, we – especially Don – stay busy with our Fantasy Football teams.  Believe it or not, there are things other than fantasy that we love to do!   

We both love to read and spend as much time as we can every day with our books.  Sometimes that is only for a few minutes before we go to sleep at night, but it is a regular part of our day.  We love to read outside on nice days, either on our deck or by the pool, and on cold, rainy days we each have a favorite end of the couch in front of the fireplace.

Don learned to fly drones from our son-in-law, Bobby, and loves going out on nice days to fly his drone.  Recently we had a spring-like day, perfect for drone flying.  Unfortunately, The Flight lasted only about two minutes before his magnificent drone crashed into our next-door-neighbor’s tree. It seems to be a fatal blow, unless the Indians’ Trevor Bauer is willing to use his talents to fix the mangled mess of drone parts.  Bauer is infamous for injuring his finger while working on his own drone, right before he was to pitch in the ALCS.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography, and I almost always have my Canon Rebel around my neck or at least within arms reach, especially if my grandkids are nearby.  I have combined my love of reading and photography and have read quite a few books about different aspects of photography.  We have thousands of pictures of family, pets, and scenery – including beautiful pictures of Lake Erie when it was frozen solid.  A couple years ago, I entered two of my pictures in our local county fair.  Just like with Fantasy Football and the Survivor Pool, I expected to win and was very disappointed when I didn’t even score an honorable mention!

Writing has become our new favorite pastime.  This blog is written from our hearts and has combined our talents in the best possible way.  I love to write, and Don knows his sports facts.  That guy could talk on forever about sports history, statistics and what is going on right now in the world of sports!

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