NFL (No Fun League) is Fun Again

The NFL has developed a reputation for cutting back on any fun the players try to add to the games. This went a little too far when they outlawed excessive touchdown celebrations. Fans love celebrations! Fans at games want to be part of the celebration, and fans watching from home are likely to be imitating their favorite player’s celebration.

With the new relaxed rules, the players can celebrate together and use the football for a prop. They can also make snow angels!  Everyone would have to agree that a big, tough NFL player making a snow angel is nothing but genuine joy.

Mean-spirited celebrations are still prohibited and will result in a penalty. No need to antagonize the other team, or do anything suggestive or punkish. The NFL will not tolerate any simulation of guns or weapons either.

Maybe this will bring Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco type celebrations back into the league.  Terrell Owens poured popcorn into his facemask, grabbed a cheerleader’s pompoms and did a dance with them, and took a Sharpie out of his sock and autographed a football.  We could never forget when he ran the football back to the middle of the field and spiked the football down on the Dallas star. Ochocinco also had a few crazy antics. He used the pylon as a putter on the football and put on a jacket that said “Future HOF 20??”.

One of the best celebrations was Joe Horn of the New Orleans Saints. He pulled a cellphone out of the field goalpost padding and pretended to make a call.

Some of these celebrations may not show sportsmanship and that is where the line should be drawn. The players should be able to express themselves and have fun as long as it doesn’t provoke the opposing team or embarrass their own team.

This year’s Terrell Owens might be Odell Beckham, Jr.  We are looking forward to seeing what he will do after his first touchdown. Odell’s touchdown dance, known as “The Whip”, really gets the fans going. There is no telling what he will add to his celebration now that the rules are relaxed!


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