Lineups, Picks and Fees – NFL Season Starts Tonight

After work today Don and I hustled to finalize our lineups, select our picks, and make sure the fees were paid for the various contests we have signed up for.  We discussed our teams at the dinner table and then reviewed our leagues again.

I am happy to report that at the last minute I was able to pick up a kicker for the Fantasy Football Experience League with many thanks for that to Bob Lung of Big Guy Fantasy Sports (  Bob is the League Commissioner and is doing a fantastic job of responding to questions and problems almost immediately.  I took Brandon McManus and I have the best feeling about him!  I have to admit that feeling got even a little better when Don said he thinks Brandon is a great pick.

Don and I have very different systems for making our picks.  Don listens to hours of sports radio, watches sports on tv and reads while he is listening and watching.  I listen, watch and read…a little…and then trust my gut.  It is Don’s opinion that a person can never have too much information.  He listens to XM Radio, watches the football programs on TV and subscribes to three fantasy football sites plus a few free sites.  He looks at it ALL and somehow absorbs a large percentage of it.  I, on the other hand, get overloaded rather quickly and prefer to rely on less information and more intuition.  That is not scientific at all and highly unreliable, but I am here to tell you it has worked more than once! Now that I am seriously trying to beat Don at his game, I am following the experts on Twitter and asking a lot more questions.

This week seems to be very predictable.  Looking at the schedule, it is full of what looks like sure wins, such as the Eagles over the Browns and the Chiefs over the Chargers.  Week One is always full of surprises and upsets which is one of the things that makes so many people love the NFL.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, the tables get turned and the underdog comes out on top.  With only a few minutes left before the first kickoff of the season, the lineups are set and the competition is about to begin.  Excitement is in the air and we are dreaming big.  Good luck to everyone as the 2016-17 season gets off to a great start out in Denver!




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