Keep the Chief!

Chief Wahoo has been a Cleveland Indian since 1947.  For several years, at the beginning of baseball season, protestors try to ban him from the MLB.  Their efforts are paying off, and he is slowly being phased out.  While we want to remain respectful and understanding of those who think differently than we do, we are all for Keeping the Chief!

The Chief Wahoo logo has been replaced on the Indians uniforms with a block C.  A C!  That could stand for several different cities, states, teams.  The Indians regularly play against Chicago and Cincinnati – that’s a whole lot of C’s on the field!  Keep the Chief!

Our favorite sports apparel company, GV Art & Design (, designed a perfect shirt for all of us Indians fans who are adamantly against losing Wahoo. We have seen many of these shirts being worn at the games and around town. Supporters of Chief Wahoo definitely seem to outnumber those who want him gone forever.

The Cleveland Indians are not the only team in danger of losing their name and their logo.  Protestors want the Washington Redskins name and logo changed because it is also offensive to some Native Americans. There is also controversy with the Atlanta Braves, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Florida State Seminoles’ tomahawk chop.

Where will this stop?  Team names are a matter of pride.  We are the Tigers, the Bulldogs and the Lions because those are strong names.  The Indians, Chiefs and Braves are also considered strong and mighty.

Having a team named the Indians with a logo of a Chief is not derogatory toward Native Americans at all. Chief Wahoo was created to convey a joyful and enthusiastic spirit. Cleveland fans love Chief Wahoo and all he represents.

We continue to support the Chief and buy Wahoo apparel and souvenirs. Hopefully he will never be phased out completely, but no matter what happens, Chief Wahoo will always be part of the Cleveland Indians.

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