How We Named Our Fantasy Football Teams

At first thought, it might seem easy to come up with a name for a fantasy football team.  Some people simply use their favorite player or a combination of their own name and favorite number, but others are putting more effort into coming up with a unique or funny team name.

The Fantasy Football Experience league has some creative team owners who came up with names like WhoDeyandTheBlowFish, Gellin like Zelin, Booger Holler Mudpuppies, and There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand.  They made my usual “Mustang Sal” seem a little boring, so I decided I would make a statement with my team name.  Now everyone is reminded to “Save the Bees” when they see my team!

This league provides options to customize your franchise with logos, icons and sounds.  There are pages of helmets to choose from that provide inspiration for catchy team names.  Don’s coworkers frequently use the phrase “Hulking Out”, so he made that his team name and chose a helmet with the Incredible Hulk on it.  The Hulk seems larger than life at the top of the points page.  Maybe there is something to the name, and I should have gone a little more fierce than trying to save the honeybees!

There are several players’ names this season that can be used to make funny team names.  Matt Forte lends a perfect name to endless combinations – WD Forte and (Fill in the Blank) is My Forte are two of my favorites.  The guys seem to love Tyler Eifert because, well, guys love the Eifert jokes like Eiferted. On the female end of things, Todd Gurley is also a perfect name to use for teams.  Lots of Gurley things!

It is worth the extra time and effort to come up with a catchy fantasy team name. We have talked to a few people who think having the perfect team name is one of the most important elements of fantasy football.   We agree it is a lot of fun to have a name that everyone gets a kick out of. Be creative, be bold,  and don’t forget to Save the Bees!





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