How Do You Make Decisions?

Last year Don drafted Adrian Peterson instead of Ezekiel Elliott. Every single week of the entire season, he said, “If only I had drafted Zeke.” In Week 3, against the Green Bay Packers, Peterson had a season-ending knee injury. Zeke had an unbelievable season! Don had gone back and forth over which player to pick. How did he finally make his choice? How do you make yours?

While talking about our decision making skills, we came up with a few rules that will make it easier to choose between two players. Sometimes a little advise is all a person needs to make a great choice!

If it comes down to two Quarterbacks, it is always a good idea to pick the one who has the easiest schedule. The guy who is going up against teams who are not as good at defending against passes will likely be the better pick.

When you are choosing between two Running Backs, go with the one with the better offensive line. It is always good to know their offensive coordinators – do they like to run or pass the ball?  If they play on a good team that is going to have a lead in the second half, they will tend to run the ball more often. They always say Running Backs start to decline after the age of 30, so in that case you might want to go with the younger one.

Picking between two Wide Receivers, the most important factor will be having a good Quarterback to catch from. A team that will tend to be playing from behind in the second half, will usually throw more (they call this Garbage Time).

We also suggest that you don’t make your decision based on which team they play for. Letting emotions rule is not a good idea and can force a poor choice. We are Cleveland Browns fans, but we would never let that stand in the way of choosing a Pittsburgh Steelers player for our Fantasy team.

Don’s final decision between Peterson and Elliott was based on Peterson’s past history and Elliott being a rookie. There were too many questions about Zeke’s future performance and, other than having a crystal ball, there was really no way to know how well he would do his rookie season.

I have a very annoying way to pick between two equal choices. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Not really.  My way is even more annoying than that! When I am completely stumped, I have to ask everyone I know and then weigh all of the opinions. Eventually, after gathering all the advice I can possibly gather and reading every expert opinion that I can get my hands on, I will make my choice. This can be a really long process and many times I end up choosing who my gut told me to take in the first place!

How do you make your decisions? We would love to hear from you.  Please leave your comments in the area below!

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