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With the World Series right around the corner, Don and I have talked quite a bit about just how much a person should be willing to pay for a sporting event ticket.  We have always said that if the Indians were ever in the World Series, we would go – no matter how much we had to spend to get there.  Now that it is a reality, however, we have a different view.  

As much as we want to be part of the crowd, cheering the Tribe to victory, there is that responsible, adult voice telling us all the reasons why we shouldn’t even think of spending hundreds – thousands?- of dollars on two tickets to one baseball game.

  1. Christmas is two months away.  Every year we say we are cutting back on Christmas but that never works out so well, and, let’s face it, Christmas is a big expense.
  2. Our feisty little dog, Bernie, has two potential upcoming surgeries.  One night at a game could easily pay for most of the vet bills.
  3. There are hungry kids.  It is close to impossible for me to spend a huge chunk of money on anything frivolous when there are people who need help.
  4. We should save for a rainy day.  That is the common sense thing to do.

The reasons to NOT spend a lot of money could go on and on.  We are fairly frugal people and we don’t part easily with our hard-earned cash.  Lots of people we know wouldn’t think twice about shelling out big bucks for a championship game.  If a person is a huge fan of a team going to a championship, shouldn’t they splurge and go to support their team?

This evening we have heard quite a few points to argue in favor of spending whatever amount is necessary in order to attend a World Series game.

  1. You only live once, right?  We should make the most of every day and take advantage of all the opportunities that we can.
  2. One of our favorite cousins, Andy, would like for us to go to a game with him and we can’t think of anyone more fun to go with!
  3. This might be the only time the Indians go to the World Series and we could very well regret not going.  A person should always try to avoid regrets!

The answer to how much a person should spend on a sporting even ticket is different for each individual fan.  Whatever amount is spent will absolutely be worth it, as the memory of the game will last forever.  The pure joy of watching your team play in a championship game is priceless!


Game 2 Indians vs Blue Jays
Game 2 Indians vs Blue Jays

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