Four Great Reasons to Take the Experts’ Advice

Whenever Don is in his car, he listens to the Sirius XM Fantasy channel.  I used to be able to get him to switch over to 80’s hits or one of the rock stations, but that hasn’t happened for a long time.  We laugh and say he “bumps” to sports radio – sometimes he really has it cranked up!

I’ve mentioned before that Don listens, watches, and reads everything he possibly can.  There is no doubt this is one of the main advantages he has over someone like me who doesn’t spend as much time with the experts.  After riding in Don’s car for awhile, I start feeling expert-ish and can throw a few facts around.  Having that extra bit of knowledge is fun and adds to my confidence in this season of battling against my fantasy expert husband.

After thinking about how we make our decisions for our teams, we put together a list of four reasons to take the experts’ advice.

  1. The experts have access to all sorts of different media outlets.  They get breaking news and inside information right away from many sources. Most of the experts have people working around the clock gathering information and analyzing the data.  By listening to the experts and taking their advice, we can build a better lineup for the week.
  2. Experts have sources for each individual team that they are able to talk to on a daily basis.  People like Mary Kay Cabot, a Brown’s beat writer/analyst, keep in constant contact with the team and release information as soon as it is available. We can quickly learn inside information on players and teams that can make the difference in winning or losing.
  3. Fantasy Football is what they do.  The experts have spent years getting to where they are.  They put themselves on the line when they give advice, so you can bet they know what they are talking about.
  4. The experts crunch the numbers.  They can tell you how someone plays on turf compared to grass fields, how they play at home games and away games, how they play outdoors or in indoor stadiums; against division rivals, after a win or a loss, how they play against defensive teams, against individual defensive players, and so on and so on.  We could keep going for hours!

The experts are brilliant! We saw first hand at the Fantasy Football Experience at the Pro Football Hall of Fame how intelligent and knowledgeable the experts are.  It was truly amazing to watch the experts banter back and forth.  They disagreed on some issues, but had research and facts to back their cases.

To all the experts out there – thank you for your hard work that makes our fantasy decisions much easier and our teams a lot stronger.

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