Fantasy Freebies

Don’s favorite fantasy football league is his hometown league, but he also enjoys playing free and inexpensive contests.  It is exciting for me when he starts a contest with several thousand people entered, and it is coming down to the finals with only a handful remaining.  I find myself following his players and keeping up with their stats.

With the season about to begin, now is the time to sign up for a free league (or two or three!).  A few of our favorite sites to enter free contests:  http://ESPN.comhttp://NFL.com, and  All of these sites have freebies in addition to their pay-to-play leagues.

I am testing out my skills and luck with the NFL Perfect Challenge on  This contest has a One Million Dollar prize, making it  worth taking a few minutes to choose a lineup!  I had my notebook out this morning from the PFHOF Fantasy Football Experience as I selected my players.  With a little luck and the experts’ advice, I am hoping to collect the prize money.

These sites all have free fantasy football apps, making it much easier to play from a smart phone.  The apps are user-friendly for players of all skill levels.  From beginners like me, to experienced players like Don, there is something for everyone.  Player information, team updates and expert advice are all available and easily accessible.

From a frugal girl’s point of view, the freebie leagues are a more fun way to compete than having to pay.  Don has a much more serious take on fantasy football, but he still loves the free contests.  Check them out – there are a few with some pretty nice prizes!




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