Fans Gone Bad

We’ve all seen it.  It is embarrassing to say the least.  The fan who gets carried away and doesn’t stop when enough is enough.  Whether it is on a little league field or at a professional game, it is not a fun situation to be around.  

Wichita State suffered an embarrassing incident last weekend after their loss to Kentucky when their coach’s wife was escorted away by police for yelling obscenities.  While it is unclear exactly why she was so upset, her emotions got the best of her.  She has probably behaved well all year, but she will definitely not be remembered as a great fan.

Someone gave Russell Westbrook the double bird and was caught on camera.  Westbrook stayed classy and the fan was thrown out of the arena.  Whatever the fan was trying to prove, it definitely backfired and he was the one who looked like a jerk.

The opposing team’s fans don’t stand a chance at many professional sporting events.  From yelling insults to actual punches thrown, some fans go overboard with their loyalty.

The parents can be the worst fans at kids games.  You know the mom who thinks she knows way more than the umpire; the dad who thinks his child can’t do anything right.  They take the fun out of the game.

When it comes down to it, sports are fun!  Yes, we want to win.  Always!  We’ve all yelled about a bad call, and it is great fun to cheer your team on – loudly!  But, there is no place for profanity, belittling, or fights at sporting events.

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