Fan Friendly Game Times

Game times have been a topic of discussion in our house for several years. If they start too early, I don’t see the beginning of the game.  Too late, Don has to get up early the next morning and won’t be able to see the end of the game. We all agree, the end of the game is most important, so the games need to start earlier!

The NBA Finals are all 9:00 pm games except for two which start at 8:00. The people in charge really need to rethink the schedule!  Almost half of all Americans live in the eastern time zone, making us the largest audience for these games. Add in the central time zone folks and we are talking about 75% of the U.S. population! We understand the west coast fans want to watch too, and might still be at work when the games are starting, but as we already established, the most important part of the game is the end.

During the playoffs, I mentioned to my coworker, Pennie, that the games are not kid friendly, seeing as how they didn’t start until 9:00 on a school night.  Pennie said they aren’t adult friendly either!  True that.  Most of us are working for a living and have to get up bright and early.  It isn’t fun at all to have to turn the game off in the third quarter because the alarm is going to go off at the break of dawn, and even less fun getting up early after watching the entire game.

We had the same situation last fall with the World Series.  We all wanted to stay up and watch the Indians, but the games were starting at 8:00 and lasting at least three hours, making a late bedtime for early risers. Some of us had to sit on straight-back wooden kitchen chairs in order to stay awake so late!

This season, the Indians took the younger fans into consideration and started the games at 6:00 while school was in session. Making the game times family friendly is much appreciated in our home since we have an 8th grader who wants to take in the games without falling asleep in study hall the next day.

The solution seems too easy. Games should start no later than 7:00 eastern time. That way we can watch the end of the game without staying up ridiculously late. If the game times can’t be changed to fit our schedules, does anyone know of a house for sale on the West Coast?


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