Fall Sports

Football seems to get all the glory in the fall sports world, especially in Northeastern Ohio.  High School football is huge right now, and Homecoming celebrations are bringing in the crowds.  The evening sportscast focuses mostly on football, as does the daily newspaper, but there is a lot more than football going on in Fall Sports!

Soccer, hockey, cross country, golf, volleyball, and baseball are all in full swing.  Even pre-season basketball has started.

This is also running season – a great time of year to participate in local races.  There are many different race distances and themes, a variety that is sure to please everyone.  Most of the races also offer a shorter-distance walk, complete with t-shirts and snacks for all participants.

For those who are unable to participate in the race or walk, there is plenty of entertainment at the finish line.  The rush of adrenalin from those crossing the finish line is thick in the air.  The runners who race in record times are motivating, but those who come in last are even more inspiring.

Whatever your sport, this is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors.  Whether it is competitive sports or cycling with friends, fall is the perfect season to spend as much time as possible being active.

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