Encouragement – A Little Goes a Long Way

Tonight I was looking back over all of our posts and came across this one from November.  It is definitely one of my all time favorites, and I think it is worth posting again for anyone who may have missed it, or in case someone needs a little encouraging in the encouragement department.

Way to go!  Great job!  Keep up the good work!  Who doesn’t like to hear that their efforts are appreciated?  Encouragement, one of the most powerful motivational tools, needs to be used more often.

We have seen what a difference encouragement makes in young athletes.  Coaches who encourage instead of criticizing help develop confident athletes who are not afraid to make a mistake.  Even if they fail at first, they will keep on trying because they know that someone believes in them.

At the workplace, an encouraging manager brings out the best in employees, maximizing their potential.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, a negative supervisor will have a difficult time reaching goals with their staff.

My brother has helped us with our blog by editing almost every post.  I have made some pretty silly mistakes but instead of making me feel like a goof, he always offers encouragement and tells me what he likes about the post.  Post by post, he has helped me gain confidence in my writing skills.  (Thank you, Jeff!)

The power of encouragement cannot be measured, but we are sure it can change lives!  It is free, but it is also priceless. In our daily lives we can find many opportunities to provide encouragement to family, friends, and even to complete strangers.  We may never know when our encouraging words are what makes someone decide to keep trying, to stay in the game, or to stay alive.


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