Election Eve

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to exercise one of our most important duties as American citizens – going to the polls to vote.  The same research and decision making process that we use in Fantasy Football will help us make our choice in the 2016 Election.  

It seems that most Americans have had their minds made up for months, if not even before the candidates were official.  Some Americans are swayed by the campaign commercials, but many tune out the rhetoric and stick with their opinions.

No matter the outcome of this election, we are blessed to live in this beautiful land that we love.  We are free to complain and argue and speak our minds with no fear of retribution.  The good far outweighs the bad, and we have opportunities that are not available in many other countries.

If we choose not to vote, it compares with using auto-draft for our fantasy leagues.  Auto-draft might be easier and more convenient, but you are stuck with what you get for the season.  With some research and thoughtfulness a winning team can be drafted.  The same goes for choosing winning candidates – learn about individual players instead of automatically voting for your favorite team.


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