Dropping Like Flies

This week has had an unbelievable number of player injuries.  Don’s trophy team is quickly dwindling down.  Adrian Peterson is out for a few months with a knee injury,  Ameer Abdullah is reportedly on injured reserve for two months with a foot injury, and Corey Coleman has a broken hand.  It has not been reported at this time how long Corey will be on IR.  This is the first year that Don has been able to pick up Adrian Peterson and he was very excited to have him on his team.  I wanted Abdullah on my Fantasy Experience team, but was not able to draft him.  Corey Coleman suffering a broken hand during practice, of all things, was the icing on the cake!

Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Jimmy Garoppolo, Donte Moncrief, Josh McCown, Jonathan Stewart, and Brandon Marshall were all injured during the last few days.  Football is a rough game, even with all the protection and precautions.  These are really big dudes, throwing their bodies around like weapons.  The numbers are staggering and this year’s injuries seem to be far greater than in previous years.

Don will have to put in some extra time tomorrow in order to figure out what to do with his team.  Replacing two running backs and a wide receiver is not exactly an easy thing to do.  I was concerned about what to do with Randall Cobb, until Don told me about his team dropping like flies!  Michael Fabiano said in his report tonight that owners should bench Cobb, so I have been trying to figure out who I should play instead.  Michael provides real time, valuable information that a person can use to put together a winning team.

All of these injuries bring up the obvious question – What is going wrong with all of these players?  Is this a question of needing better nutrition or training to avoid injuries?  Knee injuries are so common that we tend to think “it’s only a knee!”  However, the recovery period with knee surgery can be up to a year long and there is always a chance of re-injury when the players returns.

Sending all of these players warm wishes for a speedy recovery.  Know that your fantasy owners are rooting for you to make a strong comeback as soon as possible!


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