Drafting for the Postseason

Don’s Trophy League draft party was tonight for this round of the postseason playoffs.  It was held at one of our favorite pizza joints, Wedgewood Pizza, so my prize was getting a fresh, hot sausage pizza delivered to me after the draft.  I couldn’t wait to hear who he drafted, so I have been waiting impatiently for the pizza and his update!

Eight teams in his league make it to the playoffs.  Don had the sixth pick, two behind Dave, who he is playing against this week.  The best strategy for this week was to counter all of Dave’s picks and to remember that he only has to beat one team – Dave’s.   Teams can protect players for this draft that they currently have on their roster so it gets a little tricky finding any of the top players.

As I excitedly ask who he picked, expecting some Tom Brady like answer, Don tells me he drafted Brock Osweiler.  Who?  Can it get any worse than someone I’ve barely heard of?  Maybe a little, when Nathan adds that Osweiler is the worst Quarterback in the NFL (in his 14-year old opinion).

Don’s other picks make up for the QB… a little.  Julio Jones, Julian Edelman (ok I like him A LOT), DeAndre Hopkins and Ty Montgomery.  Running Back Christian Michael, Seattle’s kicker Steven Hauschka, and the Pittsburgh Defense make up the rest of the lineup.  This team seems pretty fierce to me, especially Julian Edelman 😉  It remains to be seen, but it looks like it will come down to Don’s Wide Receivers against Dave’s Running Backs.  Dave drafted LeGarrette Blount, Thomas Rawls, and Dion Lewis- a fairly tough crew who will surely give quite a performance.

We have experienced the NFL craziness all season, and the playoffs won’t be any different.  There is no telling what will happen, but by the end of the weekend either Don or Dave will be advancing to the  Conference Championship.  We are only three more wins away from having that four-foot trophy back in the place of honor in our living room!



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