Draft Day Party of Two

The 2017 NFL Draft is finally here! This day is always exciting because we know the NFL season is right around the corner.  

This year’s draft is being held in Philadelphia, and for the first time ever it is an outdoor event. All rounds of the draft are taking place on the steps of the Art Museum – the famous steps from the Rocky movies. What a perfect backdrop for this event that will determine where these talented young men go to cultivate their talent. The crowd at tonight’s draft is estimated to be 75,000 strong. It is a perfect April evening in Philadelphia and the fans are electrified.

Draft parties are taking place all over the country. All of the NFL teams have draft parties in their cities and/or stadiums. The Cleveland Browns are hosting a draft party at the fans favorite tailgate lot – Muni Lot.  Season ticket holders got first dibs at the free tickets, and then the party was opened up to all the fans.

Sports bars are another venue for Draft Day parties. Every bar in America is hopping tonight with NFL fans going to watch who their team is going to choose. As the clock ticks, the suspense in the air thickens.  We all have an idea of who will go where, but anything can happen on Draft Day! It isn’t unusual to have a huge shock early in the first round.

We are watching the draft proceedings from the comfort of our own living room, complete with puppy dog friends. Yes, this Draft Day party is a party of two, but that works for me. We can watch, write and enjoy the ESPN coverage of one of the most exciting NFL events of the year.

The Browns chose Myles Garrett with the first pick of the draft. This was an excellent choice and we think he can change the culture of the Cleveland defense. Many of the experts thought the Browns would draft Mitchell Trubisky, but Chicago put a stop to any of those plans by drafting Trubisky in the second pick.  Did the Browns really have plans to draft Trubisky or was this part of the draft game? We would love to know what goes on behind the scenes!

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