Cheating on Football…with Baseball

Usually, by the first week of November, we are completely focused on football.  This year is different and it has made me wonder if we are cheating on football with baseball.  

The World Series definitely has our attention.  Millions of fans are wrapped up in the excitement of the Indians and the Cubs playing against each other.  These two teams are both due for a World Series win, and the world is watching to see who will come out on top.

During the week of the World Series, we have done our due diligence with our Fantasy Football teams and the Survivor Pool.  We discussed bye weeks, injuries and illnesses, and waiver wire picks.  We watched and listened to the experts, read the updates, and made changes to our teams.  We both won our fantasy games, and I stayed alive in the Survivor Pool.

Even though we did everything necessary to win, it was done a little less enthusiastically than in previous weeks.  Our passion this week has been with the great All-American past time!

The World Series will come to an end tonight, one way or another.   Our summer fling will be over until next spring, and football will be back to being number one in the Kurjan household.  If we are cheating, it is a short-lived, one-week-stand, and I think the football gods will understand.

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