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Thome Inducted to Hall of Fame

Jim Thome was a rookie in 1991, and one of Don’s all-time favorite Indians players. He led the Tribe to two world series, and was a true class act. Because he did everything the right way, and was never involved in steroids or other scandals, he has always been a fan favorite. 

Bob Lung – Winning with Consistency

This week we were extremely fortunate to interview Bob Lung of Big Guy Fantasy Sports. Bob was the mastermind behind the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience weekend that ultimately led us to start this blog. He is The Consistency Expert and has branded his method of putting together a winning Fantasy Football team …

Vote for Rose!

This evening, Don was reading the paper and I was doing my usual busywork on the computer when all of a sudden he said, “Go to the Philadelphia Phillies website!”