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This week we were extremely fortunate to interview Bob Lung of Big Guy Fantasy Sports. Bob was the mastermind behind the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience weekend that ultimately led us to start this blog. He is The Consistency Expert and has branded his method of putting together a winning Fantasy Football team – a method that consistently works! We know this first hand, since he is ranked number one in his 2017 Big Guy Bowl League, Pros vs Joes.

Remember Lotus 1-2-3? Back in 1985, Bob started playing Fantasy Football with 11 friends. He worked for an accounting firm at that time and they used a PC with Lotus 1-2-3 to keep up with the scoring. Fantasy Football was just for fun until Bob came up with the Consistency concept and started applying it to his leagues and winning with it. At that point, he realized he had something unique – an idea he could take to a whole new level! He did take it to an expert level and was “freaking giddy” the first time he was published in a Fantasy Football magazine that he could buy on a newsstand. Flash forward to this year – Bob’s 2017 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide was awarded the Best Fantasy Football Magazine!

Bob is in 23 Fantasy Football leagues this year (a record high for him), 16 of which are expert leagues that he was asked to participate in. That is a lot of teams to manage, and I think it is totally possible that his orange tabby cat, Jewel, helps to keep his stress level down! Bob admits to being a dog person, and says he had a Corgi/Terrier mix named Jake for 12 years. Jake has been gone for a couple years, but those of us who are dog people know that a dog’s friendship lives on forever.

We asked Bob what advice he would give to the average Joe and he said to remember that it is just Fantasy Football. While it is fine to be competitive, don’t let it control you. Play for the fun and excitement of the game. He gave us some excellent advice, too. In Bob’s words, “Learn from the experts BUT use the tools and the knowledge in your own way. Just asking advice and doing exactly what you’re told is empty to me. Make your own educated decisions. You will feel more as an owner of your team versus just a follower of experts.” Thank you, Bob, for advice we will take to heart.

Bob’s best Fantasy Football experience was in 2016 when he put together and emcee’d the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience. We were there, we saw him, and he was a Rock Star! Bob says it was always a dream of his to hold the event in his hometown of Canton, Ohio. “Then to have some of the best experts AND HOFers in the same room talking Fantasy and sharing the knowledge with others was everything that I hoped for,” he says of the weekend event. Bob’s favorite moment at the Fantasy Football Experience was interacting with the attendees and having someone ask him to sign their HOF helmet! If we are lucky, this amazing event will be back in 2018 and will become an annual addition to the HOF calendar.

Bob’s Thursday night “Consistency Cast” is a big hit on Fantrax Radio. He is also a frequent guest on Fantasy Football talk shows on Sirius XM Radio, and we hope he will have his own Fantasy Sports Radio show by next football season. His website is easy to navigate and is one of the most informative Fantasy Football sites out there.

We really appreciate Bob taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. We learned some fun facts and he gave us some great advice. Week 10 we will go up against him in the Pros vs Joes league – wish us luck!

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  • As a person who also attended that event at the HOF in Canton, I can honestly agree that Bob Lung is a fantasy football Rick star! Kudos on the blog, as well!

    • Haha, “Rock” star!

    • Thanks Jeff! We are having a lot of fun with the blog and hope to see you next summer at another fantasy football event!

      By the way, Bob Lung is kicking my butt this week. Right now the score is like 120 – 40 and I don’t stand a chance! ugh

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