Best Picture?

This is not a joke…Moonlight won the best picture.  What would you do if you opened the wrong envelope in front of an audience of millions?  Go with it?  Ask for clarification?  Faye Dunaway will have the rest of her life to think of all of the options she didn’t choose.  After reprimanding Warren Beatty for taking so long to announce the winner, Dunaway read the wrong card – a card that declared the movie for the Best Actress.

Steve Harvey knows what a monumental error feels like.  Harvey announced the wrong winner of the 2015 Miss Universe contest, and then had to admit his mistake and announce the real winner.  In typical Harvey style, Steve has managed to turn lemons into lemonade and has made countless jokes from the embarrassing situation.  He has to be happy about last night’s Oscar blooper!

Athletes have had their share of embarrassing moments.  Brandon Weeden got trapped under a gigantic American flag during warmups before the Browns season opener game. The rookie quarterback was run over by the flag which was being unfurled by the troops.  For what must have seemed like forever to Weeden, he disappeared under the flag.  Finally, he emerged on the other side of the flag.

Pro basketball players shoot airballs, baseball players drop easy fly balls, and every now and then there is the unfortunate case of pants falling down on the field.  Our take on all of this is that we are all human.  Even the dressed to the nines, in Hollywood glamour, Oscar announcers can make a booboo.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Steve Harvey – when you make a mistake say you’re sorry, make amends if need be, and then laugh.  At the end of the day Harvey will be remembered for being a class act, not for crowning the wrong girl.

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