And He’s Out!

Week Three did not go well at all for Don in the Eliminator Pool.  He made it farther than usual, but he sank with the New York Giants.  This is the second time the Giants have taken DonK41 down, and he says he will never pick them again!

A couple hours before the pick deadline, Don started debating changing his pick to the Dallas Cowboys.  He was switching stations back and forth between ESPN and the NFL Network and heard that all of the experts were picking New York except one who said it was a division game and he didn’t think the Redskins would go 0-3.  My Number Two Eliminator Rule is never, never, never change your pick.  I voiced that opinion a few times (loudly), and it turned out to be terrible advice.

The most obvious pick this week was to take Miami over Cleveland.  Every single expert took the Dolphins. The Browns were playing with their third-string quarterback (3 games, 3 quarterbacks), they didn’t have Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Cameron Erving, or Joe Haden who is their best defensive player.  Even their kicker got hurt in practice this past week!  No way were the Browns going to win but that takes us to my Number One Eliminator Rule which is never, never, never take the team that is playing against the Browns.  Don agrees with that rule since he would have to root against the Browns if he picked their opponent.

Over sixty percent of the people in our Eliminator Pool picked Miami.  I am sure they were second guessing their choice when the game went into overtime!  We were so excited, hoping that the pool would be down to 20 or so players if the Browns won, but in typical Cleveland style, Miami scored a touchdown and won the game.

The Giants lost, the Cowboys won – Don should have changed his pick and he would still be in.  My new nickname in the Kurjan home is “Green Bay” because I chose the Packers and stayed alive.  The pool has 47 players advancing to Week Four, including 32 who barely escaped elimination.  Thank you Green Bay for coming through for me, and thanks to Don for his ‘don’-ation (credit to J. Roberts)!




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