Amazing Streaks

Last week one of the greatest streaks of any sport came to an end. UConn’s Women’s Basketball winning streak of 111 games was stopped by Mississippi State.

In sports, there are good and bad streaks. The Cleveland Indians have not won the World Series since 1948.  This 69 year streak almost ended last season, but they were shut down by the Chicago Cubs who had an even longer losing streak of 108 years.

Tristan Thompson’s thumb injury halted his consecutive game streak at 447 games. That streak is really something, if you stop and think about it! 447 consecutive games! The NBA plays 82 games a season, so we are talking about over five years of not missing a game for any reason, ever since his rookie season. With all the talk lately about resting the NBA players, this is quite an accomplishment for Khloe Kardashian’s man.

Some other sports streaks that we think are very impressive:

  • Orel Hershiser pitched 59.1 consecutive scoreless innings
  • Ted Williams reached base in 84 straight games
  • Ty Cobb had 23 seasons of batting 300+
  • University of Oklahoma Football – 47 consecutive wins
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers had 26 straight losses between 1976 and 1977 (2 seasons)
  • The LA Lakers basketball team had 33 straight wins
  • The UCLA men’s basketball team had 88 straight wins and 7 straight titles
  • Drew Brees had 54 consecutive games with a touchdown pass (I love Drew Brees)
  • Eric Gagne had 84 consecutive saves (that is pretty crazy!)
  • The Boston Celtics had 8 straight Championships
  • Brett Favre started 297 straight games
  • Cal Ripkin started 2,632 games (can this even be real?)
  • Joe DiMaggio had a 56 game hit streak

Records are always made to be broken, but most of these streaks seem to be untouchable.  The one streak we are looking forward to seeing broken is the Indians 69 year draught without winning a World Series. As any devoted Cleveland fan would say…this could be the year they win!


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