A Week in Our Life

Sometimes we are absent from our blog for a few days, a week, and a time or two, it has been even longer than one week. We love writing and the subjects we write about, but sometimes life gets in the way of writing a post. Since this is one of those times when we haven’t written for several days, we thought this would be a perfect time to let you have a peek into a week in our life.

We both work full-time, but Don’s job is more time-consuming than mine because of the type of job and his commute. He is a manager of an Aldi’s grocery store – if you haven’t shopped Aldi’s you are missing out on a great experience and lots of bargains! He typically works at least 50 hours a week, and usually has an hour or two of “homework” every week. In return, he runs one of the best stores in his district and has some of the best associates he could ask for.  I work in a surgical office that I often describe as a pressure-cooker, but I am lucky to be part of one of the best office teams I have ever worked with. My co-workers are caring, wonderful people who are willing to devote much of their life to helping others.

Our combined family includes five children and four grandchildren -with another grandbaby on the way. Don’s teenage son can beat him in a footrace now, and, occasionally in one-on-one basketball. It has been fun for all of us to watch him grow up from a cute little five-year-old into a handsome young man. Family is by far the most important thing to us and we love spending time with them.

We have three puppy dogs that play a huge role in our lives. They warm our feet and our hearts, annoy us with their puppy antics, and bring us great joy with their never-ending, never judgmental love. My daughter and her husband (future grandbaby parents) have temporarily moved in with us, so now our doggy brood has grown to five! We didn’t know how it would work having so many paws in the house, but everyone has adapted to our circus except for Don’s little best friend, Spike, who would rather retreat to our electric-blanket-warmed bed than be sociable.

We all love home-cooked meals, so shopping and cooking take up a chunk of our time. One of my favorite things to do is to cook someone’s favorite meal for them. We do not like to shop though! Don and I pride ourselves on being some of the quickest and most efficient shoppers on the planet! We have our list and we go in and get ‘er done. Some of our best shopping trips are when we are listening to Bob Harris’ Football Diehards and run into stores during commercials. Don’s retail experience comes in handy when we are in a hurry at the self-checkout in Walmart!

Our mundane activities fill up as short of an amount of time as we can possibly let them. Neither one of us  is too picky and we don’t spend our days off ironing the baskets of laundry that we manage to throw in the washer and dryer. We are happy if our home is reasonably clean, as long as it is not ready to be condemned, and have learned that there are more important things than dusting and mopping.

Reading back over this post makes me wonder how we ever have any time to write! We have busy, ordinary, everyday lives that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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