A Quick Recap of Week 13

Last Sunday morning, our home was in mad chaos over Don’s Big Decision. He had played Tyreek Hill all season, but was considering benching him for Sunday’s game. Davante Adams was predicted to have a great game, so Don was in a quandary over who he should play. He kept saying that he should play who got him this far….. and we could all tell this was a really, really big decision. 

After reading several expert opinions and watching a few shows, everyone seemed to be high on Davante Adams. About five minutes before the game, Don decided to play Davante and bench Tyreek Hill. If anyone was watching last Sunday, you know that Tyreek Hill played one of the best games of his career.  Davante did not live up to all the hype, so Don lost his championship game in the FFPC league. If only we had used our crystal ball, he would have won the ticket to next year’s FFPC big game.

Don is still in 19th place in the FFPC league and has three weeks to move up to number one! There is no reason why he can’t do it, and we will just look at last week as a little bleep in the road to success.

The Hometown Trophy League is a little different and goes through the end of the season. Don is 5-8, but is only one game out of first place. It has been a tough season for a lot of people!

Bobby is still a Survivor! He picked the Chargers against the Browns, which proved to be a very safe pick. All seven survived another week – these guys aren’t making any mistakes!

Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl League is down to two teams playing for the Championship after an exciting showdown last week. Two of the Big Guy Fantasy Sports guys battled it out, with Colby Conway winning 147-137 over Bob Lung. Kyle Graveman played Kirk Cousins and benched Alex Smith, giving him the same sick feeling in his stomach that Don had from benching Tyreek Hill. Cousins gave Kyle a measly 18 points, while Smith scored 49 on his bench. The Smith-Hill combo was a mighty one, but we just didn’t see it coming! MNfootballchic 73 advanced to the Championships, beating Graveman 124-90.  We are looking forward to seeing who will win the Pros vs Joes league – a Pro or a Joe?

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