A New Logo for the Cleveland Indians

Indians fans are in an uproar. We knew it was coming, and even wrote about it this time last year. http://www.afantasyfootballcouple.com/keep-the-chief

It was announced Monday that Chief Wahoo will be removed from the Cleveland Indians’ uniforms and won’t be on anything in the stadium beginning in 2019. The Chief has been controversial for several years, and is always a sore subject this time of year. With Spring Training about to commence, it is as much a time for Cleveland fans to discuss Chief Wahoo as it is to talk about the long winter we’ve had or the Browns’ upcoming draft.

The Indians’ owners have been slowly phasing out the Chief and replacing him with a block C. Even very young fans are not impressed with the block C which could easily stand for a number of states, cities and communities. There is nothing admirable or brave or astoundingly notable about a block C. In fact, it is dull.

What Cleveland needs is a super cool logo (if we really have to get rid of the Chief) and we can look to GV Art & Apparel (http://www.GVartwork.com) for the solution to the problem. GV Artwork has a perfect design for the Indians’ new logo – the C Feather. This C has a lot more enthusiasm and hometown pride than the block version. The C Feather reminds us where we came from without being “offensive”. The perfect blend of future and past.

Photo by GV Art & Design

We have decided to turn our passion toward promoting the C Feather instead of hating on the haters. We are all for the C Feather logo and hope that Paul Dolan, controlling owner and CEO of the Cleveland Indians, will take note that the fans will support the C Feather with much more of their hard earned money than the boring block could ever hope to bring in.

Photo by GV Art & Design

We aren’t the only ones who hope that the Indians’ owners will choose the C Feather as their new logo. Thousands of fans are using Twitter and FaceBook to share photos of GV Art & Design’s C Feather!

Photo by GV Art & Design

Special thanks to GV Art & Design for allowing us to use their photos in our blog post. We are huge fans of their work and encourage everyone to show their support for the C Feather by shopping at their stores located in Willoughby and Lakewood, Ohio, or online at http://www.GVArtwork.com.


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