A Look Back on Week Ten

We missed three weeks in a row of “Look Back” posts. They are usually my least favorite posts to write unless we have had a winning week, but they are some of my favorite posts to “look back” on and read! A few short paragraphs wrap up the week of Fantasy Football and usually a thing or two about our lives. Not writing about the last three weeks leaves a blank space in our journal, so we will try to fill that in a little. 

Don is still going strong in his big FFPC league. He has a record of 7-3 and is ranked 29th overall. This is the least personal of all of his leagues, but one of the most exciting for me. I really want him to compete in a big Vegas league next year, and this could be his ticket to do so.

Week Ten also brought a W in Don’s Hometown Trophy league. After a few tough injury-prone weeks, his team was back to being healthy and strong. Despite a losing record of 4-6, things are looking up and we expect he will make a comeback.

On the other hand, we have really struggled the past few weeks in Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl league. Some of our top players have performed poorly, and it has been hard to keep our heads above water with them scoring only one or two points per game. We played against Bob Lung this past week and he really beat up on us! The final score was bad…like 132-90 bad. Adam Thielen, Jimmy Graham and Larry Fitzgerald gave Bob 71 points. Even though the experts recommended benching Philip Rivers, I really wanted to play him. He came through for us with 21 points, but it wasn’t enough to make up for several of our players who scored 10 or less.

Bobby is still alive in Jason Roberts’ Annual Eliminator 2017 Survivor Pool. He is starting to be more confident in his picks and has even learned a few of the rules. We had to laugh a couple of weeks ago when he found out that he can only pick a team once. There are only seven survivors left and six of them took Detroit in Week 10. I can only imagine how excited the seventh player was when it looked like the Browns stood a chance of beating the Lions! In true Browns’ fashion, they fell apart after halftime and Detroit kept the six survivors safe for another week.

Week 10 brought our first few snowflakes, a delicious turkey cooked on our Traeger grill, and a fun day for us girls when we attended a baby shower together. Our home is transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor and is comfy, warm and inviting. This is a perfect time of year to reflect on what we are thankful for, but that sounds like the subject of an upcoming blog post!

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