A Look Back on Week Five

Week Five flew by in a whirlwind of playoff games, football games and the highlight of our weekend, the Rogers Baby Gender Reveal party! When the weekend was over, we had survived our Survivor Pools, won (most) of our Fantasy Football games, and found out that our new little blessing is a Girl!

Survivor games took on a whole new meaning of hard this past week. The biggest point spread was also the biggest loss – the Jacksonville Jaguars took down the Pittsburgh Steelers in a shocking 30-9 defeat leaving Steelers fans and eliminated players in their wake. Only 15 players are left in the 5 Rings Survivor Pool after 10 unlucky people chose the Steelers and one sad fan picked the Browns. I can understand an overzealous fan choosing the Browns in Week One, but come on people, this was Week 5 and we have all seen how terribly they are playing! Coincidentally there are also 15 players left in Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator Pool, and I am stepping out there by predicting Bobby Rogers will take the gold in this one. Bobby has beginners’ luck on his side and is also doing a great job of making his picks!

Don had a terrible week in his Hometown Trophy league and the FFPC league. He has dropped down to number 21 in the FFPC, but this is still a great place to be! There are over 7,000 people in this league, so 21 is not too shabby! He is going to have to kick it up a notch and start winning in the Hometown league or that incredibly tall trophy will be sitting in someone else’s living room.

Our big win of the week was in Bob Lung’s Pros vs Joe’s league, the 2017 Big Guy Bowl league. We narrowly squeaked by our Week 5 opponent, Costa Rica FF, beating him 112-103. Thank goodness we were not playing against Kyle Graveman who ended the week with a whopping 157 points! Colby Conway had the honor of going up against all that power, and lost even though he had an admirable 116 points when everything was said and done.  This week’s win left us in the number one position with a 4-1 record and the most total points.

The Cleveland Indians have all of their fans sitting on pins and needles waiting to see how Game Five will turn out tomorrow night. We all hope that with the home field advantage and Corey Kluber on the mound, the victory will be ours and the Tribe will advance to the American League Championship Series.


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