A Look Back at Week Two

We could never expect to continue the spectacular run we had in Week One, but I expected to. This week we were quickly sent back to reality with injured players and a couple of losses.

Don lost his Hometown Trophy league by eight miserable points, with Jordy Nelson bringing in zero due to a first quarter injury. He also lost DeMarco Murray and Rob Kelley in the same game. Three players down and now he is hurting for a Running Back.

We scored really well in Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl League, but still came up seven points short against MNfootballchic73’s final 136. There are now only two teams that are 2-0, and we have the most total points in the league. Regardless of who wins in this league, it is super fun to be playing against some of the experts that we follow!

Oakland was a gimme in the Survivor Pool world. Sixteen out of thirty-one players took Oakland in Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator Pool. Easy peasy. One lone Cincinnati fan went down in the big Five Rings Survivor Pool that Don is still playing in. Why that guy took Cincinnati is beyond us, but he must have really believed in them. It was such an easy week, with three easy choices – Baltimore, Oakland, and Seattle. A few brave souls took Arizona and Tampa Bay and luckily were not eliminated.

Last weekend brought an end to the Cleveland Indians’ 22-game win streak when the Kansas City Royals beat them 4-3 on Friday night. We couldn’t be disappointed for very long since the Indians clinched the American League Central division title on Saturday following a loss by the Minnesota Twins. The flag was raised Sunday and playoff tickets go on sale this week. It’s a great season to be an Indians fan!

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