A Look Back at Week Three

It is hard to write about Week Three without seeming like we are bragging. My Grandpa always said it’s not bragging, if you’re just telling the truth. Truth is, it was a pretty good week for Fantasy Football!

Don is 2-1 in his Hometown Trophy League, even though he was minus two Running Backs and had a bit of a rough start. Rob Kelley has a rib injury and DeMarco Murray was questionable all week due to a hamstring injury. Even though Murray played, Don benched him to prevent a weak performance, and picked up Devin Funchess. His game didn’t start out very well since his opponent had Todd Gurley who scored 32.9 points in the Thursday night game. The Sunday morning London game ended with the Baltimore defense giving Don zero points, so things weren’t looking too good for the huge trophy! Even with a rough start, he won by 13 points.

We won our game in Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl League, giving us a 2-1 record. We were able to pull off a win against expert Colby Conway even though his Quarterback really outplayed ours. For most of the game Phillip Rivers gave us negative points, and was no match for Conway’s Aaron Rodgers.

Don’s most exciting win was his game in the FFPC league. He is now 3-0 and out of 7,200 players, he is ranked number five. He is the only team in the top five who doesn’t have Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Week Three was a little tough in the Survivor Pools. Don and Ashley were both eliminated from Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator Pool with losses by Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Don is still alive in the 5 Rings Survivor Pool which is now down to 44 players. Sixteen folks were eliminated this week, including one silly soul who took the Browns. This person is either a very loyal Browns fan, or doesn’t understand the concept of a Survivor Pool.

The Indians continue to win, ending their last road trip with a franchise record of 53 road wins in a single season. This team is making Cleveland proud!

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