A Look Back at Week Four

Week Four was an exciting week for Fantasy Football, Indians baseball, Survivor Pools, and for every team other than the Browns. Cleveland Browns fans were left thinking, “What just happened?” as their team went from bad to worse. 

The Atlanta Falcons suffered a tough loss to the Buffalo Bills, bringing down a large number of Survivor Pool players with them. Jeff Raupple’s Five Ring Survivor Pool is down to only 26 survivors! This game seems to be easy – pick one winning team each week – but don’t be fooled, it’s not. Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator lost three more players this week, and this pool has double elimination!

Speaking of losing. For the first time that I can remember, Don turned off the Browns game at halftime. Cincinnati crushed Cleveland in the “Battle of Ohio” in Cleveland. The Browns couldn’t seem to do anything right, and it just wasn’t worth our time to watch them struggle. The Indians were playing their last game of the regular season, and brought their win total to 102!

The best hour of football was on NFL’s RedZone. Several games were coming down to the wire and RedZone provided coverage of all the excitement. RedZone is quickly becoming my favorite way to watch football, since it appeals to my short attention span! Girls love the touchdowns and that is what RedZone is all about.

We are now 3-1 in Bob Lungs 2017 Big Guy Bowl League. Philip Rivers finally remembered that he is a Quarterback and had a great game. We beat Nate Miller of Big Guy Fantasy Sports 127-111. It is nerve-racking playing against the experts and is a huge relief to win!

Don lost his Week four game in his Hometown Trophy League and the FFPC League, but is still ranked number ten in the FFPC league. Ten out of over 7,000 participants! I think that is really impressive, but Don is super cool and you won’t catch him doing cartwheels…yet. If he wins the big Vegas ticket, we might see him do a few.

Speaking of Vegas. Our hearts break for the tremendous loss of life and injuries that occurred there Sunday night. It is hard to imagine such an atrocious crime, and we pray for healing and comfort for all.

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