A Look Ahead to Week Three

We are sitting on go and ready for Week Three to begin! Don’s work schedule is Fantasy Football friendly and allows him to be off on Thursday to prepare our lineup (and cook our dinner). Tomorrow there will be some St Louis spareribs smoking away on our Traeger Grill while Don is Fantasy Footballing. 

This week in Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl League we are going up against expert, Colby Conway. I am a little intimidated by Conway’s status as a staff writer for Fantasy Alarm and a Big Guy Fantasy Sports Network contributor, not to mention his Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. However, I have a lot of faith in our team and it will be lots of fun to see how it works out for us.

Don is 1-1 in his Hometown Trophy league so the pressure is on! This is the league with the 4 1/2 foot tall trophy that will end up in our living room if he wins the season. Oh that trophy is huge! At one time I thought it was going to have a special pedestal to sit on along with a spotlight, but thankfully Don lost that year. The trophy joke between us is just that, a joke, because I am all for that monstrosity sitting amongst my living room pretties.

While last year the Survivor Pool theme seemed to be picking against the Browns, this year folks definitely seem to be picking against the Jets. New York Jets fans, we feel your pain. It’s hard to sit back and watch your team’s opponent be the easy pick to win. The Browns have a few people scared off from picking their opponent due to their fierce defense.  We have yet to see a win, but, true Browns fans that we are, we are confident they will win this week.

And then there’s those Indians, winning 25 of their last 26 games! People who aren’t even into baseball are tuning in to watch this Cleveland team that has forgotten how to lose. Talk around town is that they could be peaking too soon. That is Cleveland fan talk. We are so afraid of being disappointed that we chatter about losing even when we are in the winningest run in Cleveland history! Go Tribe!

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