A Look Ahead at Week Two

Coming off of a winning Week One, we are flying high and feeling indestructible. However, we are old and wise enough to know that it is only one game, and there are plenty ahead to prepare for. Don is giving me the look. Ok, we are wise.

This week in the Pros vs Joes league, otherwise known as Bob Lung’s 2017 Big Guy Bowl League, we play a team named MNfootballchic73. We don’t know anything about this person other than they beat us to picking up Tarik Cohen, a Chicago Bears rookie, from the waiver wire. You must have been pretty quick there, Monday Night FBC!

Eighteen were eliminated from the Five Rings Survivor Pool thanks to New England, Cincinnati, Houston and Seattle. The Pool started with 79 players and is down to only 61. The double elimination rule saved eight folks from being knocked out of Jason Robert’s Annual Eliminator 2017 Pool, including Don and my daughter, Ashley. Ashley’s husband, Bobby, is already trash talking and says he has never done this before but he is going to beat everybody. Love that winning attitude, Bobby!

The Browns play at Baltimore this week. Last week the Ravens shut out Cincinnati, so the Browns are going to have their hands full. Go Browns! You’ve got your work cut out for you there.

Last but not least, our Cleveland Indians have broken the American League win streak record with their 21st win in a row! Today they tied the MLB record and we are confident they will break that record tomorrow night against Kansas City in Cleveland.

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