A Look Ahead at Week Five

Injuries and bye weeks are going to make roster adjustments a mandatory task from this week forward. This past week was filled with injuries; some of them season ending. 

We are going up against Costa Rica FF in Bob Lung’s Pros vs Joes league. As long as our team is not plagued with injuries, we should be sitting pretty. Bob Lung will be battling against the only team that has beat us so far – MNFootballChic73. Colby Conway is taking on Kyle Graveman, who is hoping to start his winning streak this week. AskRotoBaseball will have his hands full with It Ertz When Eifert who has Quarterback Tom Brady. If I could change one player on our team it would be to have Brady instead of Rivers (I chose Brady as Football’s Hottest Player when Michael Fabiano asked my opinion at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience.)

Don will have to choose carefully for the big 5 Rings Survivor Pool. This week will be difficult, especially for those players who have been picking against the Browns or against the Jets. The Browns are playing the Jets, and it is a toss up as to which team will give the worst performance on Sunday. We suspect that Josh McCown is going to put on a spectacular show for his first game back at Cleveland. The Browns front office might regret releasing McCown, along with a few dozen other decisions they have made in recent years.

The ALDS begins tomorrow night with the Yankees playing in Cleveland! Indians fans are thrilled to have made it to the playoffs again and our World Series dreams are alive. We are especially excited because we are going to the game, and thanks to our super terrific next-door-neighbors, we have awesome seats. Yes, we will be sitting five rows off the field on the first baseline and couldn’t be more pumped. Tomorrow’s workday better go by really quickly, because our minds will be racing ahead to Jacob’s Field!

And while football games and baseball playoffs will certainly lend some excitement to our weekend, nothing will compare to finding out if Ashley and Bobby’s baby is a girl or a boy at their Gender Reveal party on Sunday! Ashley thinks it is a girl; Bobby thinks a boy. One of them will be right!

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