Some Weeks Are a Bust

Our house looks like Santa Claus dumped his sleigh here – we are wrapping presents, making homemade candy, and addressing Christmas cards.  We always have good intentions to get ready for Christmas early, but we usually have last minute shopping and projects.  However, Christmas preparations came to a complete halt today at 12:50!  One of us thought the Browns really stood a chance to win, so we retreated to our sports room with our four-legged friends to watch the Browns take on the Bills.  It was a perfect time to take a break from the hustle and bustle, and to watch our team lose.  Again.  

Don’s hometown Trophy League game is not going very well.  All morning I tried to talk him into starting Adrian Peterson, but he did not want to take a chance playing him on his first game back.  Even though I was convinced Peterson would go off and Don was making a big mistake, he stuck to his guns.  Thankfully, he knows not to take my advice, because Peterson’s performance was disappointing to say the least.  This week, even without Peterson, is more than likely a bust.

Checking in on the Survivor Pool, all four players are still alive to play in Week Sixteen!  Two picked the Atlanta Falcons, one chose the Buffalo Bills and one took the Seattle Seahawks.  These four guys do not give up!  I am so disappointed to be eliminated from the pool, but it is fun to see who they pick and to speculate who is going to win.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Fantasy Football Experience League Championship game is coming down to the wire!  Prime Time has a lead over Booger Holler Mudpuppies, but Booger Holler has Mike Evans and Cameron Brate, Wide Receiver and Tight End for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in tonight’s Sunday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Prime Time has the Buccaneers’ kicker, Roberto Aguayo.  I have been on the receiving end of Booger Holler’s SNF players, but Prime Time has been impossible to beat.  By the end of the Buccaneers/Cowboys game, we will know who is the PFHOF FFE Grand Champion! Good luck to both of you guys.  We have truly enjoyed playing against you and watching you proceed through the playoffs.

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