Monthly archives: October, 2017

Saturdays are Made for College Football

Saturday afternoon we watched one of the best college football games ever! No. 6 The Ohio State University took on No. 2 Penn State at the Horseshoe Arena in Columbus, Ohio. We rarely get to watch college football since Don works most Saturdays.  We were super excited to watch the OSU-Penn State game and decided …


10,363 consecutive snaps. Joe Thomas is a Cleveland legend. He is a ten-time Pro Bowler. A staple on a team that couldn’t be more unstable. He has not missed a game – not one single offensive snap – since he turned Pro in 2007. This was his 11th season to never miss a snap! 

Stepping Up

Last week when Aaron Rodgers took a season ending hit, Brett Hundley had to unexpectedly step up to the Green Bay Packers number one Quarterback position. Today Hundley will make his first NFL start at home against the New Orleans Saints. How well he will perform going up against Drew Brees remains to be seen, …

October Baseball

Game One of the ALDS: The New York Yankees vs the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Sold out crowd of over 35,000. Seventy degrees. Harvest moon. Indians win 4-0. We were there!