Monthly archives: March, 2017

Save The Bees!

Buzz the Bee is missing. The Honey Nut Cheerios famous mascot has gone missing in a grand effort to bring attention to the plight of the honeybees. 

Bye bye Oakland

The official vote to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas took place this week.  The NFL owners approved the move which will take place sometime in the not too distant future.  The Raiders will leave behind a devoted fanbase to begin a new relationship with Sin City.

Saturday Spitballin’ with Andy…on Sunday: Road Trippin’

What is something that you do that brings you satisfaction with your life? Think about it. Something that when you get older and you’re reflecting on your days on this beautiful earth, you think “dang, I sure found a lot of value in that. That significantly improved the quality of my life.” Is it gardening? …

Our Ten Favorite Things About This Blog

This is a very proud moment for us – our 100th blog post, a little over six months since we came up with the idea to start writing.  The blogging world was brand new to us, so this has been an ongoing learning experience.  We never expected to have this much fun, and we didn’t have …

Fans Gone Bad

We’ve all seen it.  It is embarrassing to say the least.  The fan who gets carried away and doesn’t stop when enough is enough.  Whether it is on a little league field or at a professional game, it is not a fun situation to be around.  

“We Want Lebron”

Last night, “We want Lebron” rang out through the Staples arena as the Los Angeles Clippers’ fans chanted for the Cleveland Cav’s King of Basketball to take the court.  Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were already benched for injuries when the Cavs decided to also bench Lebron James.

Villanova Taken Down – Brackets Busted

In the biggest upset so far, the number eight seed, Wisconsin, beat the defending champions, Villanova, this afternoon.  Many brackets fell along with Villanova.  The number one seed was a popular pick to make the finals.  One of the things that makes March Madness so much fun is how quickly the numbers can change.  

Bracket Time!

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts tomorrow at noon.  Our brackets are filled out and the excitement is building as the Don vs Sal competition is about to begin.  Every year we enter several March Madness contests, but the true contest is between the two of us.  We are both very competitive and it …

March Madness

March Madness college basketball pools are fun pools that anyone can take part in, no matter their knowledge of basketball.   The brackets are easy to fill out – choose a winner of each game and narrow it down to the final winner.  More times than not, someone who knows nothing about college basketball will …

Between a Brock and a Hard Place

When we first heard of the Brock Osweiler trade, our first thought was what the heck were the Browns thinking.  As we started hearing more details of the trade, it started making more sense and might end up being one of the best trades the Browns have made in the past few years.