Monthly archives: February, 2017

Best Picture?

This is not a joke…Moonlight won the best picture.  What would you do if you opened the wrong envelope in front of an audience of millions?  Go with it?  Ask for clarification?  Faye Dunaway will have the rest of her life to think of all of the options she didn’t choose.  After reprimanding Warren Beatty …

Vote for Rose!

This evening, Don was reading the paper and I was doing my usual busywork on the computer when all of a sudden he said, “Go to the Philadelphia Phillies website!”  

Encouragement – A Little Goes a Long Way

Tonight I was looking back over all of our posts and came across this one from November.  It is definitely one of my all time favorites, and I think it is worth posting again for anyone who may have missed it, or in case someone needs a little encouraging in the encouragement department.

Proclivity & Propensity

Writers have a propensity to love words!  Big words, little words, and, most of all, super cool words.  I am blessed to work with someone who has a fantastic vocabulary.  I’ve shared words like “smooshed” with him, and he has taught me words like “proclivity” and “propensity”.  I have a tendency to get very excited …

Game Lengths – How Long is Too Long?

With baseball season fast approaching, Major League Baseball is going to test a new rule to shorten extra inning games.  A runner will be placed on Second Base at every extra inning, with the hope that this will appease the fans who say baseball games are too long.  

Age is Just a Number

Offseason football talk is full of debate about how much longer Tom Brady can continue his reign in the NFL.  Brady is nearing 40, an age that used to be a few years past retirement.  For all practical purposes, 40 is the new 30!